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posted Jan 11, 2010, 3:47 PM by Chris Franklin
What Anti-spam does is scan every incoming email with Spamassassin. 
And if it scores high enough as spam (score setup by you!). then it 
will return a "550 *** SPAM!! *** " Error During the smtp transaction.
The other server / senders program will then interpret the 550 as a 
mailbox unevailble Or user does exist. and not try to send that person 
that email again. And the sender will get and email from his server 
letting him know that the email couldn't be delivered due to the 
fallowing error :).

I will say that this has really reduced to amount of spam that even trys to
come into my domains. I believe this is to the programs that spammers are
using now a days. I think they record witch address where deemed undeliverable
and after so many trys it removed that address from it's records :)

1. edit your and enter in this line:

DELETESCORE : This the sore at which the emails will be deleted 
(Whole numbers only)
MAXFILESIZE : Files this size or bigger won't be sent to SA
LEARNFROM : This is a Y or y If you want the filter to use 
"sa-learn --spam" to help improve SA's filtering.

2. download the and put it into your /var/MailRoot/filters dir.
3. edit and setup the Delete_spam_score & Max_size vars to meet
your needs.
4. make sure your is chmod'ed at least 111
5. restart xmail as needed

1. bash
2. SA (Spamassassin)
3. awk
4. cat
5. grep 
6. SA conigured to add the "X-Spam-Flag: " and "X-Spam-Level:" headers.

1. helps filter out spam (go figure)
2. Doesn't scan outgoing mail only incoming (aka and mail not coming from a
Authed person or localhost)
3. Won't scan email of Max_size or bigger (in megs. defualt id 1.4)

1. Slows down smtp transaction (no where near enough to cause time outs)
2. ...?
Chris Franklin,
Jan 11, 2010, 3:47 PM