posted Jan 11, 2010, 3:52 PM by Chris Franklin

Blocks email from out users trying to send emails
in to your server claiming to be a local domain users.

Meaning that when a email comes into the serer from a outside 
source it's from will be examined and see it that from user really exists on
your server. IT not it's REJECTS at the smtp level.

Long discription:
1. Your server just recieve all email FOR a real user. 
(unless that from server has been black listed)

2. You've got your server setup to require auth smtp OR 
only email sent from localhost.

3. Spammers like to send email from the out to local users
trying to look like there an other. 

Example FAKE user :

This emails are ALWAYS spam. SO you need to block them

1. Download & untar/gzip it to /var/MailRoot/filters/
2. Add this to your


3. edit the second line of and 
change to your domain name

4. restart xmail

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