posted Jan 11, 2010, 3:54 PM by Chris Franklin

Anti-Spam is a php script that pass' all incoming email though
clamav via tcp. And if a virus is found it rejects the message with a 
"550 Virus : $Virus Found in Email"
The var $Virus will be replaced with the real Virus' name.

1. php
2. ClamAV
3. clamd running in deamon mode

1. download to your MailRoot/filers/ dir.
2. add this to your file
3. start Clamd
4. restart Xmail

1. Stops virus' at the door. Instead of in the dinning room.
2. Alerts the sender of the virus with out sending out a second email 
(aka no bounce messages !!!)
3. Talks to ClamAV on any server via TCP/IP

1. Slows down smtp transaction (no where near enough to cause a time out)
2. Doesn't scan pop3 synced emails as they come'in

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