posted Jan 11, 2010, 3:58 PM by Chris Franklin

Auto_whitelist job is to STOP the processing / filter of emails that really
don't need to be processed. Heres a great example. You have all your email
coming in to your server scanned with SA ( Spamassassin ) unless it's a Authed
user sending it. And you've already added abunch of user to SA's
whitelists (whitelist_from). Well that fine minus the fact that even though
you told SA there a person you don't wanto get marked as spam. It's still
going to run that email though ALL it's testing. Which I think is 100% waste
of CPU time, Memmory and really just slows down email traffice as a whole.

1. Download auto_whitelist
2. untar & gzip into your MailRoot/filters dir
3. To make sure you start off with a clean DB delete the auto_whitelist.db
file. Then run -c
4. edit your and enter in this line (You'll want to put
this line BEFORE all the other filter you DON'T want to have run on a
emailaddress you have white listed):
5. restart xmail as needed
6. running -h will show u all your options

1. PerlĀ 
2. Perl modules (DBI,SQLite,Getopt::Std)

1. Greatly reduces mail that needs to scann mail that doesn't need to be

1. Currently there is no way for a normal user to remove a whitelisted user.
2. Address Spoofing could be used to defeat this. (on the other hand it would
also probably defeat SA as it would get a negitive score do to whitelisting)
3. Currently these no way for a normal user to add someone to the whitelist
unless they send them a email.
4. Currently there is no user defined whitelist on a global. So any one who
sends out a email will whitelist the reciver for all.
5. It's in Beta !!!

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