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posted Jan 11, 2010, 4:03 PM by Chris Franklin

mailadmin is a kind of remote admin util I wrote to help do things
on the server for me and my users.

It's a pluing based systems meaning that. Any one can run a plugin 
and drop the code into the program and it'll start using it asap.

This app does NOT require a extra deamons or open ports. It runs on 
a per email basis. Thus *hopefully* using less reasources.

As of this it I'l only included the vacation plugin for it.
I'm still deciding weather or not I want to convert this to perl 
or some other programming Lang instead of usign bash.

1. BASH + utils (cat,grep,awk,bc,date,..etc)
2. a new mailist or user EMAIL account that will get email BUT they don't get kept / delivered
3. xmail 1.21 or higher ??

Install How To: 
1. Download file to /var/MailRoot/filters/
2. tar -zxf mailadmin.tgz
3. create a new user in xmail (I used, This user can/SHOULD be a
Mailing LIST if you choose. But there is protection to inplace to help weed
out the non outside users.
4. COPY mailadmin/examples/ ../domains/YOURDOMAIN/
5. EDIT ../domains/YOURDOMAIN/ REPLACE with your domain
6. COPY mailadmin/examples/ ../domains/YOURDOMAIN/NEWUSER/
7. EDIT ../domains/YOURDOMAIN/NEWUSER/ PLACE with your domain

How to use it: (1st timers)
1. Send a BLANK email to the server (NEWUSER@DOMAIN). It'll reply with all the
option open to your user level and direction on what to do with this this list
of options.
2. Send a BLANK email to the server (NEWUSER@DOMAIN) WITH the subject only
containing your OPTION (1 option per email). It'll then send you back a email
telling you how to use that OPTION.

EXAMPLE (vacaton email, This will turn on the autoreply BUT tell it to TURN
Off your auto reply ON 6/5/2005). Your Email layout should be as fallows.



EXAMPLE (vacation email, This will turn auto reply OFF)




Plugins Info

Vacation: This plugin allows your users to send a email to the server and have
it turn on a auto reply message for them and if they tell the server when
they'll be getting back the server can AUTO shutoff the auto reply on that
date. OR the use can set it to just autoreply until he/she turns it off (my
sending an other email to the server telling it to turn it off). This plugin
has contains a anti-loop function to STOP mail loops that could be cause by
the use of a auto reply script.

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